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Gymnogeophagus balzanii Cichlids amp Badidae t Cichlids
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Cichlasoma dimerus Tropical Fish Aquarium, Tanked Aquariums, Fish Aquariums, South American Cichlids,
New fish species found in Turkey's Lake VanA new fish species has been found in Lake Van, one of the world's largest saline soda ponds.
1: Regional distribution of ornamental fish in the Singapore trade
3: Distribution of wild-caught and captive-captive-bred species according to
1: The status of species identification in Qian Hu fish farm
1: Freshwater fish recorded in the global ornmental trade from 2006-2012
Roberto Esser Reis
Youguang Yi
Silk Flowerhorn Cichlid - expensive hybrid cichlid, line bred in Thailand
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